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How Loft Design Company Grew Revenue with a 700%+ in sales

“Taking our latest month into the account, it’s as high as a 700 percent increase (sales), which which has been phenomenal.”

Industry: Retail

+700% sales

How Flue Liner Solutions Increased Conversions on Google while Bringing Down Cost Per Acquisition

“Since partnering with the Texonica team, the company saw immediate improvements in their online presence. The communication between both parties is good, with the team providing thorough weekly reports, proving their dedication to the project which the company appreciates.“

Industry: Services

97% drop in CPA

How Nova Injury Increased The Number of Leads 6 times

“In the 2 years of working with Texonica, they have reduced the waste in our ad spend. Texonica did a better job with our marketing dollars.”

Industry: Legal

6x more leads

How Karma & Luck Grew non-branded sales by 678% in 2 months

“Results are better than I expected. Sales are growing, and especially non-branded keyword sales are growing, and that’s really important.”

Industry: Jewelry

+678% sales increase

How ShopFittings Direct Went From Making A$96k to A$145k in a 3 months time period

“Kamil has proven to be very knowledgeable in his field of expertise…I’d highly recommend Kamil and his team in helping your business excel well beyond your top competitors!”

Industry: eCommerce

+1878% ROI in 3 months

How MineTan went from 249% to 466% return on ad spend in just three months

“They make life easy, and they’re highly skilled.”

Industry: tanning cosmeticcs

Doubled ROAS in 3 months

How Sleep Science Academy Increase Conversions while Decreasing CPC

"If you're looking for someone to hire for your Google Ads to get more leads, whether that's an ecommerce site or more leads for a coaching business, I can highly recommend Texonica."

Industry: sleep coaching

48% increase in conversions

How to Grow Brand Reach and Sales with Google Ads: Keiser High-End Fitness Equipment


Texonica is the kind of agency I have been looking for a long time to help us with our business, and I'm very glad that I found them, and we feel like they are very strong partner and I don't think you can go wrong hiring them for your paid social media and paid search and paid display advertising campaigns.

Industry: Commercial and Home Fitness

Keiser sought to expand their brand reach and sales through Google Ads. They faced challenges in understanding micro conversions, lag to purchase, and the purchase path, along with tough competition from resellers. To address these pain points, multiple strategies were implemented which resulted in 116.72% growth in conversion.

56.49% Boost in Conversion Value for a Fitness Company in Just 60 Days with Google Ads

Our collaboration with Texonica has yielded impressive results. We've seen a substantial increase in conversion rates, and their feedback has helped us improve our campaigns and enhance the user journey of our site. Their effort has exceeded our expectations.

Highly recommend!

Industry: Fitness

Online fitness retailer grew conversion value by 56.49% in just 60 days!

Web Hosting Amplified: 77% Increase in Leads with Google Ads Tactics - Texonica

We recently decided to try out Google Ads services for our WordPress management services company, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We saw a significant increase in leads and conversions within just a few weeks of launching our campaign.

Thanks to Texonica we are able to expand our market not just in the US but also in Europe.

Industry: Web hosting

WordPress technical support, WordPress hosting & expert management grew leads by 77% in just 30 days!