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How Karma & Luck Grew non-branded sales by 678% in 2 months

+678% sales increase

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US company selling spiritual jewelry

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Karma & Luck was the fact that the majority of sales were coming from Facebook Ads. Their Google Ads performance was substantially lagging behind.

The Google Ads account was set up this way that the majority of sales were coming from branded searches (people searching for the brand). In other words, Facebook Ads was doing the hard work and Google Ads was just collecting the sales that would happen anyway.

We had to focus on making Google Ads a true marketing channel, able to bring new customers (not just people already knowing the brand).

The Solution

We moved to a more holistic approach by implementing a funnel-based approach where we guided a visitor through multiple steps in their buying journey.

We did that by using Shopping, Display, Video, and Search Ads.

We used DataFeedWatch to have more granular control over the Shopping campaigns’ feed which allowed us to be more competitive in shopping ads.

Display ads were used, in the beginning, purely for remarketing purposes. As we started showing display ads to people who didn’t previously visit the website we added creatives based on reviews.

Search campaigns, which originally only covered branded terms, were underutilized. Here we have implemented search campaigns based on the best-selling products in such a way that any changes in the shopping feed would be visible in them.

In the first 30 days, we got the desired ROAS levels.

The next step was to start focusing on awareness & outreach campaigns. For this purpose, we were using custom videos and explanatory creatives that attract new buyers.

As the data started flowing in, we were able to fine-tune our activities based on few best-performing personas.

The next step was a combination of more outreach/awareness campaigns and introducing more remarketing ads for the promotional calendar.

The Results

Before (March):
Spend: $4.72k
Sales: 163
ROAS: 3.05

After (July):
Spend: $17.3k
Sales: 1.65k
ROAS: 9.66

That’s the overall account, we saw a gain of 678% in ROAS.
How did the nonbranded perform by its self?


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