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Google Ads Strategy: Chimney Company Achieves Low Cost Per Lead with Texonica

B2C company improves cost per lead

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London company providing a comprehensive and professional chimney sweeping and repairs service
Chimney Sweeping, Home improvement, B2C


The company has been delivering top-quality chimney sweeping and repair services throughout London and its surrounding areas for more than 10 years. Their team of experts uses both traditional brushes and advanced vacuuming techniques, along with camera surveys, to provide comprehensive cleaning, accurate testing, and reliable repairs for your chimney.

The Challenges

The company runs two websites. Looking at the number of sales for the same budget we noticed the sales for their main website were far lower. Ultimately, we stopped marketing this site to concentrate on the other.

The Solution

Texonica's team focused on generating relevant chimney-sweeping leads from the client's service area, while also introducing chimney caps and flue lining leads during the off-season.

We achieved this through the following strategies:

  • Location targeting based on postal codes
  • Location-specific keywords that contain postal codes, neighborhoods, and nearby/near me modifiers
  • Using keyword insertion features in ads, to boost their relevance, improving both CTR and CVR by showing that we are present in the user's exact location
  • Segmenting services by campaign, to get better control over campaign targets and ensure that we are staying profitable with each campaign.

And moving away from Smart campaigns, which gave us more control and allowed us to optimize campaign elements better. We overcame this by expanding our campaigns beyond chimney sweeping services, as we started targeting people who are looking for other services that the client offers, such as flue lining and chimney capping.

The Results

In doing so, we generated a CTR of 8.05%, 1120 leads at a cost of 6.22 GBP per lead, below the initial target of 8 GBP per lead for the client.

By implementing proper conversion tracking, focusing on website lead forms and phone calls, and monitoring campaigns to weed out any irrelevant converted search terms, we maximized the lead quality that we are generating for the client.


Our expertise in Google Ads strategy is not only shown on our success in managing E-commerce stores but also through our collaboration with business-to-customer (B2C) clients with each strategy tailor fit to each of our client's company needs.

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