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Google Ads Strategy Leads Ecommerce Company to Skyrocket with a 343% ROAS!

Ecommerce company improved ROAS from 167% to 343%

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American company offering KPop Merchandise
Global Culture Industry


The client, an ecommerce store, was facing low ROAS and unprofitable campaigns with their Google Ads strategy. These were causing financial strain on the client's business so they reached out to Texonica.

The Challenges

  • Issues related to GMC (Google Merchant Center) shipping settings: The client has multiple product, product source, and ships to multiple country. Improper labeling has lead to delays and restrictions that affected customer experience, which in turn impacted conversions.
  • Limited market reach due to a primarily US-focused approach: The store focused on US based customers which limited growth potential and revenue generation.
  • Sub-optimal Ad budget management: Fluctuating product availability and managing budget effectively is difficult since the products are sourced from different countries.

The Solution

Texonica's team of experts dove right into diagnosing the root causes of the ecommerce store's challenges. After conducting a thorough analysis, the team came up with a comprehensive solution that are focused on these key areas:

  • Segmented campaigns by profit margins to get better control over bidding and budget allocation.
  • Segmented campaigns based on product source, to get better control over budget, to adjust the ad spend based on the product availability
  • Expand location targeting to worldwide as there were no shipping limitations, so exploring non-US markets appeared as a low-hanging fruit was tested.
  • Migrated from Standard to Smart Shopping to better utilize the smart algorithm and introduce automated remarketing ads

The Results

By implementing these solutions, we were able to help the client improve their ROAS and profitability. We continued to monitor the campaigns and make adjustments as needed, which helped them achieve their advertising goals and improve their overall business performance.

The results of our partnership were significant:

  • ROAS improved from 167% to 343%
  • Doubled the average monthly revenue, from 4 digits before working with Texonica to 6 digits when we revamped their campaigns


Our expertise in Google Ads strategy for E-commerce stores was demonstrated through our collaboration with this client where we identified and overcame significant challenges to achieve impressive increases in conversion rates and substantial business growth.

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