We help businesses increase their sales using our tested strategy-first framework for high yield PPC advertising

We work with forward-looking companies that want to turn their website into a sales machine and boost their profitability with customized PPC advertising.

Those are a couple of things we do to increase your sales


What if you could reach people who left your website?
Thanks to remarketing it’s possible. We do that for you. We speak differently to people already knowing your brand. This way we squeeze every dollar you spend on marketing to generate more revenue.

Google Ads (Adwords)

With Google Ads, you can reach people actively looking for your product.
How we do it for you?
We strategically invest your ad budget to show your ads to people ready to buy, leaving in the most profitable places and calling you when you can reply. Thanks to this you stop wasting money on advertising that uses a shotgun approach.

Facebook Ads

How to reach out to people who are not actively searching for your product or service…or they don’t even know that this kind of product exists?
We do this for you using Facebook Advertising.
We use your ideal client characteristics like interests, age, location, gender, household income to only show your ads to people who will be interested in learning more.

Google Shopping

Are you running an e-commerce shop? Do you find Facebook traffic unreliable? It’s time to start getting traffic from a highly converting source which is Google Shopping Ads. Start using ads that are eating nearly 60% of all the click on the Google advertising platform.
How we do it for you? We show your products in front of people in buying mode. We optimize every little detail to make sure your offer is shown to people who are one click away from buying your product. Start using the method that generated most of the revenue for e-commerce websites.

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Don’t spend a dollar on advertising before learning if it’s going to be profitable for your business.

Success Stories

I’ve worked with Kamil in past. We worked together on a funnel for a B2B client. He took his time to understand client’s industry.
The traffic he was getting for us through Adwords was reflecting our perfect client avatar as much as possible.
It was a great pleasure working with someone who takes time to understand client’s industry.
Varun Franklin

Director, Franklin Media

At Taimingu we were looking for a solid stream of new users to our application.
I’ve tried many methods but results were all over the place.

I reached out to Kamil to get his help with Adwords management because our campaigns were doing ‘ok’ but I knew they can do much better.

What I like about his method is that he took his time to understand our business. He came up with a solution based on our needs.

After few months of his work, I saw 23% increase in all conversions and 41% increase in Adwords specific ones.

If you are also looking for someone who can help you reach even more customers look no further. Kamil is your choice.

Kamil Kwiecień

CEO, Taimingu

Kamil’s knowledge goes far beyond the PPC. He knows that good for all strategy doesn’t exist in the online marketing world. If you need help from real expert don’t think twice and work with him.
Michael Fabo

Director, Bizznify

Those businesses understand that getting traffic in the door is only phase one, and marketing is an investment.

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