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How Nova Injury Increased The Number of Leads 6 times

6x more leads

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A Canadian law practice company specializing in personal injury cases.

The Challenge

Jeff was on the market for nearly 2 years. The biggest struggle was to get more clients. He was already using Adwords but he wasn’t happy with the results. While the leads he was getting were, in most cases, qualified he wanted to get in front of more people while not increasing the cost. As a new player on an already saturated market, he struggled to get his foot into the AdWords door lacking thousands of reviews like his competitors.

The Solution

The first step was to fix the account and remove everything that wasn’t performing. While there was progress it didn’t actually bring down the cost too much. The first thing that actually made a difference was the introduction of a landing page.

While many business owners believe that their websites will get them more clients I believe that a website is a business card. There is time and place for it but when it goes to getting people to contact us there are better things like landing pages.

The landing page was a distilled version of the client’s website, presenting all the necessary information. It got us from a mere 3.14% of visitors contacting us through the website up to 20.76% when they saw the landing page.

This made a real change, but we didn’t stop there. The next step was to start using the cutting-edge changes introduced in the Google Ads. After implementing new ways of targeting the cost of every click went down.

Combining the landing page and new way of targeting people was the winning combination.

The Results

After implementing all the changes the cost of getting lead started dropping down to 25,74% of the original cost. In October we were able to cut that cost down by another 50%.


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