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Case Study: 78% Subscription Renewal for this Book Publishing Company using Texonica's Advanced Facebook Ad Strategy

78% subscription renewal for a book publishing company specializing in tailored books for bilingual children

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Book publishing company specializing in tailored books for bilingual children
Book Publishing


The client, a burgeoning player in the publishing industry specializing in tailored books for bilingual children, wanted to amplify sales of the subscription-based product model through Facebook Ads, aiming to elevate brand awareness, drive pertinent traffic to the website, and bolster subscription sign-ups.

The Challenge

However, they are faced with three key challenges. 

Firstly, building trust in their brand and subscription model. Establishing trust in a subscription model demanded meticulous planning, considering the long-term commitment it entailed from customers. 

Secondly, the lack of diverse marketing materials, primarily a few videos, constrained the creativity and potency of their ad campaigns. 

Lastly, targeting the right audience, specifically bilingual parents, posed a complex challenge in the competitive market.

Given the situation and complications, the pivotal question was: How could the client effectively overcome trust issues, expand their creative arsenal, and precisely target the audience to drive engagement and boost sales for their subscription-based bilingual children's books?

The Strategy

In response to these challenges, our team devised a multi-faceted strategy encompassing content utilization, tailored video production, precise communication, and advanced data targeting.

Enhanced Curated Content Mix: To fill the marketing creative gap, we integrated existing Instagram images of children interacting with the books, along with newly-produced videos tailored to specific languages. This created a compelling narrative that's irresistible for families with children aged 0-10.

Hyper-Focused Maternal Targeting: Capitalizing on a rich client database, we executed finely-tuned lookalike campaigns that were laser-focused on bilingual mothers aged 25-45, the primary decision-makers for bilingual upbringing.

Sequential Trust-Building Sales Funnel: Recognizing the trust barrier around the subscription model, we designed a funnel that carefully progresses from initial brand awareness to fostering long-term subscription commitment. This is strengthened by multi-variant A/B tests to ensure we're hitting the mark.

Persona-Based, Challenge-Addressing Copywriting: Understanding the intricacies of bilingual family dynamics, we crafted customer avatars that mirror these complexities. This enables us to produce copywriting that not only engages but also builds trust and tackles unique challenges these families face.
Holistic, Pixel-Enhanced Analytics for 360-View: With a goal of tight strategy alignment, we employed an upgraded Facebook Pixel for better tracking. When combined with data analytics from other platforms like Shopify, this gives us a complete, 360-degree view to ensure strategies are driving both sales and long-lasting subscriptions.

The Results

Early in our campaign, we swiftly identified high-performing creatives that resonated most with our target audience. Leveraging a strategic 70/30 budget allocation methodology — where 70% of the budget was channeled into proven, result-yielding campaigns and 30% dedicated to experimental endeavors — we were able to innovate while maintaining a robust Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

Sales Growth: Over the first three months, we observed an impressive 89% month-over-month increase in sales volumes, highlighting the immediate impact of our strategies.

ROAS Improvement: The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) escalated by 117% compared to the first month, based solely on initial purchases, excluding the lifetime value (LTV) of the client. This indicates not just more sales, but more profitable sales.

Subscription Retention: Quality wasn't sacrificed for quantity. Approximately 78% of the subscribers renewed their subscriptions, signifying the tangible value they found in the product. Not only did they continue their subscription, but many also left positive reviews on the site, adding an organic marketing layer.

Engagement Metrics: Video content emerged as a potent tool. There was a staggering 500% increase in the engagement rate for individuals inclined to watch over 50% of the educational product video. This reaffirms the product's resonance with its target audience and the efficacy of the video as a medium.

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By holistically analyzing user behaviors and leveraging a dynamic ad analysis strategy, we identified high-performing creatives swiftly and maintained a robust ROAS while innovating with experimental campaigns. The results showcased substantial growth and validated the efficacy of the strategies, reaffirming the client's confidence in the campaign's ROI and scalability.