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Web Hosting Amplified: 77% Increase in Leads with Google Ads Tactics - Texonica

WordPress technical support, WordPress hosting & expert management grew leads by 77% in just 30 days!

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UK-based company providing WordPress technical support, WordPress hosting & expert management
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A UK-based business with global offices, provides instant WordPress technical support, WordPress hosting & expert management for over 8,000 WordPress websites. But despite their quality services, the company faced a major challenge - increasing leads and scaling their operations in the highly competitive US and European markets.

The Challenges

The company needed to pivot its marketing strategy to gain a foothold in the United States and European markets. Some of the challenges they faced were:

  • using separate accounts and multiple campaigns without portfolio strategies,
  • failing to target the Europe market,
  • and giving up on the US market due to high competition.

Through a strategic partnership, Texonica helped the company expand its reach through strategic Google Ads campaigns.

The Solution

The Texonica team conducted a thorough analysis of the company's existing campaigns and implemented multiple strategies which includes:

  • Campaign Restructuring Merging all accounts into one, allowing for more effective optimization and reporting.
  • Switching to Google Ads -based Conversion Tracking Switching over to Google Ads based conversion tracking from Google Analytics tracking resulting in improved attribution and providing more accurate data to Google algorithm.
  • Expanding Google Ads Expanding Google Ads efforts to the EU market which was previously not
  • Retesting Campaigns Focusing on historically best-performing search terms with exact match keyword targeting to achieve higher conversion rates and compensate for higher competition and higher cost-per-clicks.
  • Smart bidding - Creating a portfolio bidding strategy to further augment the conversion data volume flow resulting in more efficient smart bidding strategies.

The Results

Through Texonica's Streamlined 5-Step Approach, the company achieved a significant 77% increase in leads within 30 days while keeping the cost per acquisition (CPA) within the target.

The company's data showed a clear difference between December 2019 to March 2021 and December 2021 to March 2023, with the latter period experiencing a significant increase in leads. The results speak for themselves, demonstrating the effectiveness of Texonica's approach in driving business growth when implemented effectively.


The client is steadily building a stronger presence in the US and EU markets since partnering with Texonica in December 2021.

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