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Moving Company: 39.95% Leads Growth in Just 90 Days with Google Ads

Canadian Moving Company increased leads value by 39.95% in just 90 days!

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Canadian local moving company for local & long distance moving within Canada, office & commercial moves, heated indoor storage, packing services and even moving supplies.
Canadian Moving Company


The client is renowned as Canada's Best Moving Company since 2009 for local & long-distance moves, office & commercial relocations, heated indoor storage, packing services, and even moving supplies. However, their success came at a steep price.


Being hailed as the industry leader also meant hemorrhaging revenue with soaring client acquisition costs coupled with increasing competition. They were running their own Google Ads campaigns and using PipeDrive CRM without integration to Google Ads which made it difficult to track leads and collate accurate data.

The company is struggling to bring down their cost per acquisition so they sought a game-changing solution with Texonica.


Our team stepped in and worked closely with the client to revamp their Google Ads approach, focusing on these five major areas:

  • Refined Audience Targeting
  • Google Ads Tracking implementation
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Data-Driven Campaigns
  • Conversion-Based Smart Bidding

Refined audience targeting is a crucial aspect of running successful online campaigns. The company faced struggles when it came to precisely identifying their target audience. However, with the implementation of Google Ads tracking and smart bidding, we now have the tools to precisely define and reach the intended audience.

By utilizing Google Ads tracking, we gathered data on various metrics such as user demographics, interests, and online behavior. This data was then used to create data-driven campaigns that are targeted specifically towards their desired audience segments.

Additionally, offline conversion tracking was implemented to measure the effectiveness of the online ads in driving offline sales. This integration provides a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and enabled us to refine the targeting strategies further. Ultimately, through implementing these strategies, we optimized their campaigns and maximized their return on investment. 


Texonica implemented new conversion tracking actions, switched to conversion-based smart bidding strategies, and refined audience targeting to achieve the client's goals of:

  • Improving tracking accuracy,
  • Refining ads for better lead generation at lower costs,
  • And targeting local moving services in major markets.

The results were remarkable with a 26.87% decrease in cost per lead and a 39.95% increase in the number of leads. With Texonica's expertise, the client successfully optimized their campaigns, maximizing lead generation efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Our collaboration with the client demonstrated our proficiency in recognizing and addressing pivotal challenges within a Google Ads strategy. By prioritizing the client's distinct requirements and leveraging our expertise in Google Ads, we achieved notable enhancements in the company's conversion rates, fostering business growth through a comprehensive understanding of their advertising performance.

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