Success Story

How ShopFittings Direct Went From Making A$96k to A$145k in a 3 months time period

+1878% ROI in 3 months

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The client is a well-established player in the B2B market in Australia. They were selling a broad selection of goods through an eCommerce platform and had a huge warehouse full to be able to ship quickly and pack things securely (big items needing extra care).

The Challenge

With growth come new problems, mostly new competition. With many newcomers to the market, the client struggled to grow. Most of the sales were coming from current or past clients. Our goal was to get more sales through Google Adwords.

The Solution

While the account was in excellent condition, we have found several opportunities by deeply analyzing Google Analytics data. After finding the data-driven perfect client avatar and understanding how and what they buy we have created a more aggressive campaign solely focusing on the best clients. The next step was introducing Facebook Ads that helped us be constantly in front of the eyes of people. Besides increased sales through Facebook, it also impacted the number of sales we were getting through Google Ads (people couldn’t forget about us).

After that, we got back to analyzing the data and put in place more sophisticated data analysis using Google Tag Manager. This way we could see what actions buyers take on the website. Based on that we were creating even more aggressive remarketing strategies.

The Results

Google Ads

Through the first 3 months of our cooperation, we were able to improve the client’s revenue by an additional 40.74%. We’re still working with the client looking for other ways to increase the number of purchases per customer.


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