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How to Grow Brand Reach and Sales with Google Ads: Keiser High-End Fitness Equipment

Keiser sought to expand their brand reach and sales through Google Ads. They faced challenges in understanding micro conversions, lag to purchase, and the purchase path, along with tough competition from resellers. To address these pain points, multiple strategies were implemented which resulted in 116.72% growth in conversion.

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For nearly four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce, and the speed at which you produce it.
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Keiser, a prominent brand in the fitness industry in the U.S, came to us with a digital marketing strategy that was fundamentally restricted to the bottom-of-funnel (BOF) campaigns. Although these campaigns led to a decent amount of purchases, they lacked an efficient tracking system beyond this point. Keiser was struggling to understand the intricate dynamics of micro conversions, lag to purchase, and purchase path that could potentially drive top-of-funnel (TOF) campaigns and expand their brand awareness. Additionally, the brand was facing stiff competition from resellers in search and shopping ads, demanding more strategic approaches for ad listings, titles, and landing pages.


Our initial step was to bring clarity to Keiser about the role and impact of micro conversions. We emphasized the significance of tracking minor yet influential customer actions like page views, add to carts, initiated checkouts that subtly contribute to the final sales. Understanding this, Keiser decided to extend their campaigns to include Discovery, YouTube, and Display ads to enhance brand awareness and engage their ideal audiences.

To deal with the high competition from resellers, we carried out rigorous tests on different elements like ad listings, titles, and landing pages. This allowed us to identify which combination yielded the most effective results. In collaboration with Keiser, we helped optimize their product pages and even developed new landing pages dedicated to specific promotions.

To capitalize on the summer sale period, we introduced promotion extensions in July. This allowed Keiser to showcase their discounts directly in their search ads, adding a unique selling point that would attract potential customers. Concurrently, we also initiated specific remarketing ads to engage users who had recently abandoned the website, thereby increasing the chances of converting them into purchasers.


Our strategic intervention resulted in 116.72% increase in conversion value in just 60 days! Our efforts to understand and tap into micro conversions resulted in better ad optimization, resulting in an improved customer journey and a heightened brand image. The meticulous testing for different ad elements proved beneficial, helping us stand out in the face of resellers' competition. The promotion extensions, combined with remarketing ads, played a critical role in maximizing the sales during the July period.

In conclusion, our partnership with Keiser stands as a testament to our understanding of the digital marketing landscape and our commitment to delivering results. We are proud to have worked with a brand that is open to change and innovation, and we look forward to more successful collaborations in the future.

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