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56.49% Boost in Conversion Value for a Fitness Company in Just 60 Days with Google Ads

Online fitness retailer grew conversion value by 56.49% in just 60 days!

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German company providing premium functional fitness equipment


Suprfit, an online fitness retailer, partnered with us to overcome several challenges they were facing with their Google Ads strategy. Their primary difficulties included tracking relevant campaign goals, inefficient campaign structure, and a sub-optimal product feed.

The Challenges

  • Tracking Relevant Goals for Campaigns: Suprfit struggled with tracking goals for their campaigns. Important parameters like purchases, add-to-cart actions, and generated revenue were not effectively monitored, making it difficult to understand campaign performance and make necessary adjustments.
  • Inefficient Campaign Structure: The structure of their advertising campaigns was too broad to utilize Google's smart bidding capabilities effectively. Furthermore, there was insufficient attention paid to the use of negative keywords, leading to wasted spend on irrelevant traffic.
  • Sub-optimal Product Feed: Suprfit's product feed lacked proper optimization. Product titles and descriptions were basic, leading to less effective product listings, and a lack of GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) hindered product visibility and discoverability.

The Solution

Our team stepped in and worked closely with Suprfit to revamp their Google Ads approach. We focused on three key areas:

  • Goal Tracking: We established clear goals for each campaign, focusing on purchases, add-to-cart metrics, and generated revenue. This allowed us to track the progress of the campaigns accurately and make data-driven decisions.
  • Campaign Structure: We refined the campaign structure to take full advantage of Google's smart bidding feature. This included implementing a robust negative keyword strategy to avoid spending budget on irrelevant search queries.
  • Product Feed Optimization: We improved the product feed by creating compelling and SEO-friendly product titles and descriptions. Additionally, we ensured each product had a proper GTIN, enhancing the product's visibility on Google Shopping.

The Results

Our collaboration with Suprfit led to a clear understanding of how Google Ads were driving their revenue and sales. We were able to grow campaigns, going beyond brand-related search terms, conducting new tests on search and shopping.

The results of our partnership were significant:

  • Suprfit saw an overall increase of 56.49% in conversion rates in just 60 days.
  • We successfully expanded the account and took advantage of the summer period with targeted product promotions, leading to a spike in sales.


Our work with Suprfit showcased our ability to identify and solve critical challenges in a Google Ads strategy. By focusing on the client's unique needs and applying our expertise in Google Ads, we were able to significantly improve Suprfit's conversion rates, business growth through understanding of their ad performance.

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