Texonica Lands a Spot in the Clutch 2021 Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Company in Estonia

Kamil Kluziak
19 Oct 2021
2 min read
texonica teammates bumping fists over coffee

Digital marketing has become significantly more valued by SMEs in the past couple of years. When we started this journey of aiding businesses as they tackle their virtual marketing challenges, we set the goal of being one of the best providers out there. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Texonica is named on The Manifest’s updated directory as one of the most reviewed digital marketing companies in Estonia!

To recap, here are the milestones, leading up to this award:

In 2017

A small team of experienced digital marketers and advertisers joined forces to establish Texonica. Our mission has been and always will be to serve as the marketing backbone of startups of medium-sized companies in their efforts to grow their business. Texonica lives the life of service, and we’re happy to see our impact on our clients’ success.

In 2020

MARQ Labs, a global beauty company, approached Texonica to handle its digital marketing efforts, which included keyword research, PPC support, and other strategic services. The end goal was to increase their conversions and find action items for their overall web strategy. Since then, we’ve begun working on their overall marketing presence and strategy, which has led to great results for the client. 

We’ve increased their brand presence and ROI. We’ve also helped them scale through increasing their customer base. 

In 2021

The Manifest announces its list of the most reviewed digital marketing companies in Estonia, highlighting Texonica at the top. Texonica has always been dedicated to delivering only the best service to our clients, and we’re truly honored to be acknowledged as a company that values client satisfaction.

Having said that, we’re incredibly grateful for the amount of support that we’ve received from our clients. Thank you for believing in us!

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