How we helped transform our clients businesses

This is how we helped our clients achieve their business goals
Kamil has been running our AdWords for the last two years. He provides a systematic approach to what he's doing. He's up the quality of our work, he's reduced the wastage in our spend, and he's always coming up with great new ideas about how to optimize our campaigns, how to reach new potential clients, and ultimately do a better job with our marketing dollar. I appreciate his work and if you choose to work with Kamil, you won't be disappointed.
Jeff Mitchell
Owner, Nova Injury - personal injury lawyer - A Personal Injury Lawyer Company
Our Sales increased by 5x and a extremly high ROAS of 7 required and achieved as well. They are understanding and not pushy. They always listen to our input, but in the end they just deliver results. Kamil is a great guy that knows how to handle clients. There were absolutely 0 problems with Texonica.
Tuan Nguyen
Head of E-Commerce, Sanitär Schweiz GmbH - A Kitchen and Bath Contractor Company
Texonica was selected as a partner due to their impressive experience with e-commerce brands similar to ours, but also due to their multilingual and multi regional capabilities and experience with advertising. We advertise in English, French, and German languages and in about a dozen or so countries. So having that international experience was really a necessity for us. They do a lot more than just setting up campaigns and letting them run. They have a holistic approach to our advertising, which we really appreciate.
Alex Miller
Head of E-commerce and Digital Strategy, Baabuk - A Wool Footwear & Accessories Manufacturer Company
Texonica's depth of knowledge transformed our business over the last six months. Really happy not only in the metrics and the improvements that they're making in the account, but also the communication has been awesome.
Brett Messieh
Chief Marketing Officer, Sven & Son - A Premium Adjustable Mattress Manufacturer Company