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Questionnaire Test

Welcome to the family!

We're excited to be a small piece in your success..

Please take the time to fill out this form with as much detail as possible.

In the questionnaire, we will ask you to not only answer questions but also upload materials like your company's logo and grant access rights.

This will allow us to move faster and not waste a single day on back and forth messaging.

You can always pause and continue working on this questionnaire by clicking on the Save and Continue button.

Basic Information

What's the name of a person to whom we can send any questions and updated

Leadgen - Are you searching for new clients?
eCommerce - Are you looking to get more sales?


(Location, demographics, other important factors)
(What is the margin on them? If possible explain different margin segments in your store.)
(time of the day/week/month/seasons)
NOTE: Please answer this separately for each product you sell. If you don't know the exact figure, please provide your best estimate.
(Location, demographics, other important factors?)
(what is the margin on them? If possible explain different margin segments in your store)
(time of the day/week/month/seasons)
NOTE: Please answer this separately for each product you sell. If you don't know the exact figure, please provide your best estimate.
(can they be used in re-targeting ads?)

#2 Marketing

For example: Paid advertising - $1/lead - Good quality
(How local people call their neighbourhood. Ex: New York = Big Apple, NYC)
(If they have websites, include their URLs)

#3 Writing ads

Credibility: The powerful demonstration, Results in advance, High profile clients, Track record, Powerful associations, Celebrity, Unique Mechanism Believability. Displays of knowledge, Personal endorsement, Case histories, Sinatra Test ("if you can make it here...")
Facts: Case Studies, Research, Self-evident social proof, Media mentions, Number of followers, Number of citations, Innovation, Specialization
Price, Savings, Losses, Earnings, ROI, Statistics, Percentages, Fractions, Dates, Periods of time, Quantities.
Examples: Guarantee, Trial offer, Free sample, %discount, No obligation, Accompanying offer, free signup, Reports, White papers, Audio, Video, Software, Membership, Consultation, Results in time frame, Deadline, % to charity, Disqualification

#4 Questions below are about what your customer loves in connection to your product

#5 Clients

For example: once someone starts to look for a business like yours, how long does it take them to make a decision and purchase? What's the longest it might take someone?
What are your answers?
Do people like your answers or do they keep checking other stores?

#6 Stand out

What is unique and special about your business? What sets you apart from the competition?
(Most importantly anything I wouldn't find on your website)

#7 Budget / Change Questions

Examples: - The domain of any payment gateway you use.

If you use Afterpay, enter
If you use Zip Money, enter
If you use Zip Pay, enter

#8 Upload materials

Alternatively, you can upload the book as a file in the next field

The logo should be provided ideally in SVG format (optionally PNG).
In both cases in as high resolution as possible and with a transparent background.

#Other materials
Please provide us with a 'starting' pack of materials.
Which might include:
- you (if we are building a strong personal brand)
- products you offer
- products being used (eCommerce)
- work you are doing (in case of leadgen)

In case of an eCommerce store where we have to setup Google Merchant Account we will additionally need:
A high-resolution logo for Google Merchant Center:
Your square logo will appear on large screens.
Format: PNG, SVG
Max size: 5 MB
Dimensions: min 500 × 500 pixels, max 2,000 × 2,000 pixels
Ratio: 1:1
Rectangular logo

Your rectangular logo will appear on small screens.
Format: PNG, SVG
Max size: 5 MB
Dimensions: min 1,000 × 500 pixels, max 2,000 × 1,000 pixels
Ratio: 2:1

#9 Granting Access

To run ads every site has to have a privacy policy. Please provide us with an URL to it so we can make sure everything is correct.

#9 Access - Google Ads

To get access to your Google Ads we will need to know it's account number.

- Sign in to your Google Ads account.
- Step 2 Click the help icon in the top right corner.
- Step 3 Find “Customer ID” at the bottom of the menu.

After will process your questionnaire answers we will send you an invitation to get access to your account.
(it will be visible in Gmail of the email address you have used to create the Google Ads account)

#9b Access - Google Analytics

Please specify your Google Analytics ID

Find your Tracking ID and global site tag
Sign in to your Analytics account.
Click Admin.
Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.
Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
Your Tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page.

Adding [email protected] to your Google Analytics account

Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account/property/view.
In the Account View column, click User Management.
In the Account permissions list, click +, then click Add users.
Type in [email protected] and grant edit permissions


#9b1 Linking Search Console with Google Analytics and granting access

To link your Search Console account with Google Analytics please follow this instruction:
If you don't haven't added your domain to the search console please follow this instruction:

#9c Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager for more advanced conversion tracking and also managing different tools like HotJar, Google Optimize
Please state your Google Tag Manager ID.
Log in to (if don't have an account create one).

In case you haven't been using GTM before In Tag Manager, click Accounts and then Create an account.
Enter an account name and optionally indicate whether you'd like to share data anonymously with Google and others.
Click Continue.
Enter a descriptive container name and select the type of content: Web.
Click Create.
Review the Terms of Service and click Yes if you agree to those terms.

How to find GTM ID?
In Tag Manager, click Workspace.
Near the top of the window, find your container ID, formatted as "GTM-XXXXXX".


#9d. Hotjar - optional

HotJar is a heat mapping tool we optionally use when working with clients. You don't need the paid account to use it.


Granting access to HotJar

Please add [email protected] with Read & Write Access


#9e - Access to your website

Inviting Texonica to your website

Unless otherwise specified we will need access to your website.
Please send an invitation to [email protected]

Please specify URL where we can log in.

9e. Access to your Merchant Center

Visit Log in with the Google account you use to manage your products.

In the top left-hand corner you will see your Merchant ID:

Please add [email protected] to your Merchant Center

Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

Click the tools wrench icon, then select Account access under the 'Settings' menu.

Click the plus button plus.
Enter the [email protected] to invite.
Click Add user.
On the next page, select the Standard level of user access.
Click Save.


Is the merchant account is connected to your Google Ads account?

- In your Merchant Center account, click the tools icon and then click Linked accounts under "Settings".
- Select Google Ads
- Under “Your Google Ads account,” find the Google Ads customer ID of the account that you want to link. You can find the customer ID at the top of any Google Ads page when you're signed in, near your email address.
- Click Link under "Actions".


9f. Access to your website

We will be sending you an invitation from our Shopify Partner's account.
We'll need you to create a new user account on your wordpress blog and this user should have access to plugins and feed management.
  1. 1. In wordpress, go to Users > add new
  2. 2. Username: Texonica
  3. 3. Email: [email protected]
  4. 4. When finished, check the box below and continue
  5. About the access rights - if you don't want us to be an Admin please install this plugin

9f. Facebook

If we have discussed access to FB Ads then please follow those instructions:

Please create business account and give us the access
(Instruction: )
Partner Business ID: 1895438243807702

Please do grant access to:
- your page
- ads account
- pixel
- (if eCommerce) catalogue