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In the questionnaire, we will ask you to not only answer questions but also upload materials like your company's logo and grant access rights.

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Basic Information


#1 Product

#2 Marketing

#3 Writing ads

#4 Questions below are about what your customer loves in connection to your product

#5 Clients

#6 Stand out


#7 Budget / Change Questions

#8 Upload materials

#9 Granting Access

#9 Access - Google Ads

#9b Access - Google Analytics

Adding [email protected] to your Google Analytics account

Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account/property/view.
In the Account View column, click User Management.
In the Account permissions list, click +, then click Add users.
Type in [email protected] and grant edit permissions


Linking Google Analytics with Google Ads

Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click Admin and navigate to the property you want to link.
In the Property column, click Google Ads Linking.
Click + New link group.
Select the Google Ads accounts you want to link, then click Continue.

Enter a link group title. Example: Google Ads Link
Turn linking ON for each view in the property in which you want Google Ads data. (You can choose all)

#9b1 Linking Search Console with Google Analytics and granting access

To link your Search Console account with Google Analytics please follow this instruction:
If you don't haven't added your domain to the search console please follow this instruction:

#9c Google Tag Manager

#9d. Hotjar - optional

HotJar is a heat mapping tool we optionally use when working with clients. You don't need the paid account to use it.

Granting access to HotJar

Please add [email protected] with Read & Write Access


#9e - Access to your website

Inviting Texonica to your website

Unless otherwise specified we will need access to your website.
Please send an invitation to [email protected]

9e. Access to your Merchant Center

Please add [email protected] to your Merchant Center

Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

Click the tools wrench icon, then select Account access under the 'Settings' menu.

Click the plus button plus.
Enter the [email protected] to invite.
Click Add user.
On the next page, select the Standard level of user access.
Click Save.


Is the merchant account is connected to your Google Ads account?

- In your Merchant Center account, click the tools icon and then click Linked accounts under "Settings".
- Select Google Ads
- Under “Your Google Ads account,” find the Google Ads customer ID of the account that you want to link. You can find the customer ID at the top of any Google Ads page when you're signed in, near your email address.
- Click Link under "Actions".


9f. Access to your website

9f. Facebook