Maximize Your Ad Visibility: Top 8 Google Ad Extensions for Home Repair Companies

Kamil Kluziak
19 Apr 2023
5 min read

Home repair businesses rely on Google Ads to reach potential customers and drive traffic to their websites. However, with so many businesses competing for attention in the online space, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

One way to increase ad visibility and improve the performance of your ads is by using ad extensions. By using the right ad extensions, you can improve their click-through rates, conversion rates, and ultimately, their ROI. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top 8 Google ad extensions that home repair companies like yours should consider using to maximize your ad visibility and get the most out of your Google ad campaigns.

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions make your ads more engaging and informative by providing potential customers with extra information like your business location, phone number, website links, and customer reviews.

Here are the top 8 Google Ad Extensions you should start implementing in your home repair business. We also added the minimum amount of time needed to implement these extensions. You can do these in as quickly as 5 minutes or longer depending on their complexity and the availability of your data.

1. Sitelink Extensions (10-15 minutes)*

Sitelink extensions are additional links to your website that appear below the main ad text. They can take users to specific pages on your site, such as a product page, store hours, or contact page.

To optimize your Sitelink Extensions, follow these actionable steps:

  1. Create at least 4-6 sitelinks that lead to relevant and informative pages on your website, such as "Services," "Testimonials," "Special Offers," and "Contact Us."
  2. Use concise, clear, and actionable language for sitelink text to make them more appealing to users.
  3. Regularly update sitelinks based on current promotions, seasonal offers, or new services to keep them relevant and engaging for your audience.
  4. Ensure that the sitelinks are properly organized and grouped to provide a clear and intuitive navigation experience for users.

Keep in mind that sitelinks may not always appear with your ads, so it's important to have a strong main ad text to convey your message even if the sitelinks are not displayed.

2. Callout Extensions (5-10 minutes)*

Callout extensions are short phrases that highlight unique selling points of your business, such as "Free Consultation" or "24/7 Emergency Service". They appear below the ad text.

To make the most out of Callout Extensions, here are some actionable steps to take:

  1. Highlight your unique selling points: Choose the most relevant and compelling selling points of your business that set you apart from competitors. This could be something like "Free Consultation," "Licensed & Insured," "24/7 Emergency Service," or "Financing Available."
  2. Use short, clear, and impactful phrases: Keep your callout extensions concise and to the point.
  3. Test multiple callouts and analyze performance to identify the most effective combinations.

Keep your callout extensions up to date with your current business offerings and promotions. This will ensure that your extensions are always relevant and impactful.

3. Structured Snippet Extensions (10-15 minutes)*

Structured snippet extensions are additional details about the products or services offered by your business, presented in a list format. For example, "Services", "Brands", or "Styles".

To make the most of this extension, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Showcase a range of services you offer, like "Kitchen Remodeling," "Bathroom Renovations," "Outdoor Living Spaces," or "Window Replacement." Be specific and use relevant keywords to attract potential customers.
  2. Ensure that the services listed in the structured snippet extension align with your ad's message and landing page content.

4. Call Extensions (5-10 minutes)*

Call Extensions allows users to call your business directly from the ad by adding a clickable phone number to the ad.

To optimize your Call Extensions, follow these actionable steps:

  1. Enable Call Extensions to encourage potential customers to call your business directly from the ad.
  2. Use a local phone number or a Google forwarding number to track calls and measure the effectiveness of your ads.
  3. Schedule call extensions to show during your business hours to avoid missed calls and improve customer experience.

Make sure to have a dedicated staff that is available to pick up the calls during your business hours to ensure that you don't miss any potential customers.

5. Location Extensions (10-20 minutes)*

Location extensions display your business address and phone number in the ad, allowing users to easily find your business on Google Maps.

  • Connect your Google My Business account to your Google Ads account to show your business location in your ads.
  • Use location extensions to help customers find your physical store or office.

Remember to keep your Google My Business information up-to-date, including your address, phone number, and hours of operation.

6. Price Extensions (15-20 minutes)*

Price extensions are a carousel of products or services offered, along with their prices.

  • Showcase prices for specific services or packages in a carousel format to help potential customers understand the costs upfront.
  • Make sure that the prices listed in the extension match the prices on your landing page.

Regularly update the price extensions to reflect any changes in your pricing structure or promotions.

7. Promotion Extensions (5-10 minutes)*

Promotion extensions are special offers or promotions, such as "10% Off" or "Free Consultation”.

To effectively use promotion extensions, consider the following tips:

  1. Highlight any special offers or discounts available for a limited time that provides real value to your customers, such as "10% Off Kitchen Renovations" or "Free Design Consultation."
  2. Specify the promotion details, such as the dates the promotion is valid, any exclusions or limitations, and the promo code if applicable.
  3. Use promotion extensions during holidays or seasonal events to increase the urgency for potential customers.
  4. Ensure that the promotion is consistent with your landing page and the rest of your ad content. This will help ensure a seamless and coherent user experience.

Keep in mind that promotion extensions are temporary and should be regularly updated to reflect current promotions or deals. Additionally, make sure to track the performance of your promotion extensions and adjust as needed to maximize their effectiveness.

8. Review Extensions (5-10 minutes)

Review extensions display positive reviews from customers in the ad, adding credibility and social proof to your business.

  • Choose a review source: Select a reputable source for your reviews, such as a third-party review website or a survey conducted by your business.
  • Select the review quote: Choose a positive quote from a customer review that best showcases your business.
  • Get approval: Note that Google will only approve Review Extensions that comply with their policies, so make sure that your review is genuine and accurate.

Monitor the performance of your Review Extension regularly and make changes as needed. If you notice that the review is not performing well, try swapping it out for a different one.

*Time needed to implement will vary depending on the complexity of the extensions


Don't underestimate the power of ad extensions in driving better results from your Google Ads campaigns. Whether you're looking to increase phone calls, website traffic, or in-store visits, the right combination of extensions can help you achieve your goals and outshine your competitors. So why not take the time to experiment with different extension options and see how they can help you achieve better results?