iOS 17 Privacy Update: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers

17 Oct 2023
3 min read
simple graphic for ios17 update

The iOS 17 privacy update is here, and it's bringing significant changes to the marketing landscape. One of the most notable changes is the shift in click identifiers, which can impact campaign tracking and ROI measurement.

However, there are still ways to navigate the new privacy landscape and maximize your marketing impact. Here are some key insights and actionable tips:

Understanding the impact of iOS 17 on click identifiers

In Safari's Normal Mode, click identifiers and UTM parameters persist. However, Safari's Private Mode removes click identifiers, leaving UTM parameters untouched. Most users default to Normal Mode, preserving click identifiers.

For marketers, this means that click identifiers will still be available for most users, but there may be some discrepancies in tracking data for users who opt for Private Mode.

Actionable tips for adapting to iOS 17

1. Leverage first-party data

First-party data is data that you collect directly from your customers, such as email addresses, purchase history, and website behavior. This data is not subject to the same privacy restrictions as third-party data, making it a valuable asset in the age of iOS 17.

Invest in building a strong first-party data strategy by creating a Customer Data Platform (CDP). A CDP will help you unify and analyze your first-party data from multiple sources, giving you a complete view of your customers.

2. Embrace contextual targeting

Contextual targeting is a method of advertising that delivers ads based on the content that users are engaging with. This approach is less reliant on user data, making it a privacy-compliant alternative to traditional targeting methods.

To embrace contextual targeting, focus on developing high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. Then, partner with advertising platforms that offer contextual targeting solutions.

3. Utilize creative measurement solutions

The tracking challenges posed by iOS 17 make it more important than ever to utilize creative measurement solutions. Multi-touch attribution modeling, for example, allows you to track customer touchpoints across different devices and channels. This can help you to get a more accurate picture of ROI.

In addition, you can collect customer feedback through surveys and polls to enhance your campaigns and gauge the effectiveness of your paid media.

By implementing these strategies, you can prepare for the iOS 17 privacy update and maximize your marketing impact amidst changing privacy landscapes.

Additional insights:

  • The importance of transparency: It is more important than ever to be transparent with your customers about how you collect and use their data. Be sure to have a clear and concise privacy policy that outlines your data collection practices and gives users control over their data.
  • The need for agility: The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and the iOS 17 privacy update is just one example of this. It is important to be agile and adaptable in your marketing approach so that you can quickly pivot as needed.

By following these tips, you can navigate the iOS 17 privacy update and continue to market effectively in a privacy-centric world. Need more assistance?  Click this link to book a call with one of our Ads strategist.