How we helped transform our clients businesses

This is how we helped our clients achieve their business goals
"Texonica has helped reduce PPC costs by 50% and increased leads and ROI by over 300%. Above all, they’re attentive, responsive, and organized."
David Macklet
Marketing VP, IP Quality Score - A SaaS Company
“This is the first Google Ads agency I’ve worked with, but we’ve worked with other agencies on different platforms. Texonica was really good at communicating and working with our wants. They worked with us to find ways to implement what we wanted, while also being transparent about potential drawbacks and benefits. If we wanted to scale up a lot, they were open about how that would impact the campaigns.”
Dylan Gonzalez
Project Manager, CarCan - A Car accessories Company
“We’ve been running Google Ads for about six years. As we were scaling, getting into new countries, and launching new websites, we noticed that the complexity of the ad structures and campaigns was getting a bit too far out of our reach. "Texonica have a strong technical knowledge, and that has been helpful. We’ve been seeing a lot of repeat customers and we’ve also had a stronger brand presence. I trust them to execute their tasks well and guide us to the best practices."
Jenine Wong
CMO, MARQ Labs - A Beauty and Cosmetics Company
"I have noticed with all other vendors that once you have signed up you seem to be left by the wayside until you have a complaint. But with Texonica, they maintained their work dedication."
Mike Byrne
Managing Director, FlueLiner Solutions - A Company
“We had used online marketing and Google AdWords ourselves. But with limited experience, we had limited results. We needed somebody who was an expert to come in and advise us on strategies going forward. With Texonica’s help, we’ve seen a big uptake in conversions and also performance across all our sites and events. They reshaped our advertising campaigns, and for that we are thankful.”
Andrew Fassnidge
Director of Events, Innovation Media - A Company
“Kamil is very professional and he gets results. So if you're looking for someone to hire for your Google Ads to get more leads whether that's an ecom site or more leads for a coaching business.”
Devin Burk
International Speaker, Founder, Sleep Science Academy - A sleep coaching Company
“We hired previous agencies that burned through my PPC ad spend and gave me no improvements or thoughtful analyses. Their work was really poor, I needed help driving traffic and exposure to my site to increase the potential of converting and selling In 2018, my average sales on Shopify were just under $4,000 gross per month. Working with Kamil, the average sales per month were $12,465. The average sales on Shopify from January–October 2020 were $25,600 per month! I can say that since working with Kamil we have seen a significant uptick in our conversion, our sales traffic, and overall performance across our digital marketing platform. ”
Peter S
Owner and Founder, Loft Design - A Retail Company
“Our advertising is focused on Facebook. We’re missing out on revenue from Google. With the help of Kamil (Texonica), we are able to gain huge profits from our Google Ads Campaigns.”
Dylan Gonzalez
Project Manager, Car Accessories Vendor - A Company
Texonica is the kind of agency I have been looking for a long time to help us with our business, and I'm very glad that I found them, and we feel like they are a very strong partner and I don't think you can go wrong hiring them for your paid social media and paid search and paid display advertising campaigns.
Matt Klein
CMO, Keiser - A High End Fitness Equipment Company
They did a great job. They reduced our cost per click. They reduced our overall cost per case. So if you are a law firm or just any business in general that relies on Google to get leads to get traffic to your website or to your landing pages, I highly recommend Kamil and his team over at Texonica. They did a fantastic job.
Peterson Herard
Marketing Director, - personal injury lawyer - A Personal Injury Lawyer Company